6 comments on “Descendants of Thomas Nock , 1617 – 1666: Nock, Nocks, and Knox Families

  1. Like the first Nock in America, William Nock of Accomack Virginia, Thomas Nock was born in England. He immigrated to the Colonies and settled in New Hampshire.

    • hello, i was wondering how to enter your site or see you names and index? i am related to the Nock family here in the New England area and i would be nice to see how many if any of my family line is in your writings on the family genealogy i do come right from Thomas Knox. could you please reach out and contact me. thank you, lois martell-michaud

  2. Though it does appear that William Nock of Accomack County, Virginia was the first Nock in America, there were Nocks in New England very early as well. Thomas Nock was an example of this.

    • So I have traced my family line back to Thomas Nock along the paternal line. Is there anything more known about anyone before that. My name is Dennis Nocks.

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