This site was created about, and for,  members of the ”extended” Nock Family. This family tree literally extends around the world. In America, most of us can trace our roots back to Accomack County, Virginia. We also researching information on Nocks in Europe and Asia, as well. This Blog is a place to learn of Nock family history and culture, and exchange information on our immediate families. We will continue to post on a regular basis. There is much Nock history available, and we will continue our efforts to find it. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post. We welcome your contributions. ”People who do not know their family history, are like a tree without roots”.


Diese Website wurde Acerca erstellt haben, und für die Mitglieder der”” Nock Familie erweitert. Dieser Stammbaum erstreckt sich buchstäblich um die Welt. In Amerika können die meisten von uns unseren Wurzeln zurück zu Accomack County, Virginia verfolgen. Wir forschen auch Informationen über die Nocken in Europa und Asien, wie gut. Dieser Blog ist ein Ort, um der Familie Nock Geschichte und Kultur, und Informationen über unsere unmittelbare Familien lernen. Wir werden auch weiterhin auf einer regelmäßig Grundlage zu stellen. Es gibt viel Geschichte Nock zur Verfügung, und wir werden unsere Bemühungen fortsetzen, um es zu finden. Wenn Sie Fragen oder Anmerkungen haben, zögern Sie nicht zu schreiben. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Beiträge. Leute, die nicht wissen, Ihre Familiengeschichte, sind wie ein Baum ohne Wurzeln.
Ce site a été créé sur , et pour , les membres de la '' étendue '' Nock famille . Cet arbre de la famille étend littéralement dans le monde entier . En Amérique , la plupart d'entre nous peut retrouver nos racines dans le comté de Accomack , Virginie. Nous recherche également des informations sur Nocks en Europe et en Asie , ainsi . Ce blog est un lieu d'apprentissage de l'histoire de la famille Nock et la culture , et l'échange d'informations sur nos familles immédiates . Nous allons continuer d'afficher sur une base régulière. Il est beaucoup plus disponible Nock histoire , et nous allons poursuivre nos efforts pour le trouver . Si vous avez des questions ou des commentaires, ne se il vous plaît pas à poster . Nous nous réjouissons de vos contributions . '' Les gens qui ne connaissent pas l'histoire de leur famille , sont comme un arbre sans racines '' .

Damon Nock

8 comments on “About

  1. Hi,
    I’m doing some geology on my family. I am related to James Wilkison of Wilkison sword, which was established by Henry Nock in Enland. James Wilkinson was the son in law of Henry Nock. That would mean that James wilkinson’s wife Ann, was the daughter or adopted daughter of Henry Nock. I was just wondering if anyone has come across any info on that part of the family. And if it links to the family in Virginia.

    • I have yet to get any more information on that family. I will tell you that we’ve been helped quite a bit by a good friend from England, Terry Nock. I wonder if he could help you? He has posted on this site, as well as our Facebook page. Now, on your question about a linkage to the Nocks in Virginia. We have not yet found a connection with the descendants of William Nock of Accomack, Virginia. We are really working hard to connect the original Nocks in Virginia, to their family in the U.K. We won’t stop until we do, I assure you. 🙂

      -Damon Nock

  2. Wonderful website built with a lot of family love!!! I am a very, very, very remote cousin as the result of a marriage between Sylvanus Nock (b.1607-1707) and Elizabeth Emery (b.1609-1709). I am researching the dates and they make little if any sense because Elizabeth would have been eight years old when she started bearing children so if anyone can help with that I would appreciate it. I don’t know if you are aware of this book but it might be of help to some of you and is available as a free PDF download…. https://archive.org/stream/thomasnockknoxof00laph#page/n3/mode/2up

    Nice to meet everybody!!

    • Hello Thomas! I must apologize to you. I did not notice your post until recently. I will check on the dates for Elizabeth Emery, and thank you for the link.

      -Damon Nock

      • Hello Damon, I’m also a very distant cousin of the Nock family and I’m very confused about Sylvanus Nock (1607-1654 or 1707) and his wife Elizabeth Emery? I found on familysearch.org that a few generations later Deacon Thomas Nock’s (1684-1754) parents are coincidently Sylvanus Nock (1657-1716) and Elizabeth Emery.

    • Hello Jordan, I just realized that I did not respond to your question. I do apologize for that. I’ve actually spoken to a number of Nocks from the UK, and have received quite a bit of information from them. Most of the information on British Nocks on this site has come from them. They have been very helpful, and hopefully we will continue getting more history and information from Nocks in the UK.

  3. Thank you for your inquiry. We have done a little research on Nocks in the UK. But, much more research in the US. Over the last few years we’ve met a number of people from the UK, and with there help, we hope to learn more. Are you from the UK?

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