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  1. Hi. Damon, I had the opportunity to visit Virginia Eastern Shore library last month, April, and I was able to trace the Nock’s back to my GGGG back to 1822.What I found interesting was that I had always thought that they we were originally from the Virginia. It seems as though that Maria Nock was born in Maryland in 1820 and sent to live with the Powell’s in Accomack County, Va at the age of 8. I am trying to further research this. My grandmother was Lucinda Nock. She married Clarence (Buck) Shields.

    • Hello Theresa, nice to hear from you, again. I’m not shocked that she was born in Maryland. I recently posted an article on this blog about the original Nock family members who were living in Delaware during the 1700’s. What I didn’t realize is how early Nocks migrated our of Virginia into surrounding states. Do you know if Maria was born a slave, or was she free? If she was a slave, I would assume that she was owned by members of the Nock family who at some point, moved to Maryland from Virginia. Another question for you, have you been to Accomack, Virginia before, or was this your first trip?


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