2 comments on “Hello Nocks: Yesterday, myself, my cousin Tia Mason Howard, and her children spent the afternoon with one of the senior members of our family. His name is Weldon Nock, and he is ninety one years old. We spent a number of hours just talking about his life experiences, from his service in World War II, experiencing segregation and bigotry of that era, and some of the history of our family. It was a wonderful experience. If you have older relatives, take advantage of their knowledge and wisdom. Our children in particular, need that relationship with their elders. They will not be with us forever.

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  2. Så vad du ska göra en framsida freespins sidan 180.
    Om du gör, är det ett spel av presumtion, allt vi har att se till att du tar dig
    flagga så att du vet var den styr dina händer på.

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