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  1. Hi. My name is Theresa Shields. My grandmother’s name was Lucinda Nock. So far, I have traced her heritage back to 1822. She was a descendent of Mariah Nock; Mariah was born in 1822. Mariah’s son or either daughter’s name was Elizabeth and Charles Nock. From this union they had: George Nock, Abraham Nock, Sena Nock (Martha) who was my grandmother’s mother, Mariah Nock, Harriet Nock, whom we called Aunt Shortie, and Helen Nock, whom we called Aunt Sissie. Harriet, and Helen migrated to Camden, NJ where they lived until their deaths. Harriet Nock was married to a Johnson; She had two children Elizabeth and Stanley Nock. Helen Nock, had one son, George Nock. Sena (Martha) Nock had three children, my grandmother, Aunt Cora (Tootsie), and Uncle Jacob (Jake) Nock. My grandmother, Lucinda married a Shields. According to the 1900 Census, they lived in Lee District, Accomack County. Mariah was 78 in 1900. If anyone has any additional information, let me know.

    • Hello Theresa, we really appreciate hearing from you. We’ve enjoyed meeting so many members of the Nock family, from around the world. If we come across any information that may pertain to your family, we will immediately contact you. We will also continue to add content to this site that will hopefully, aid you in your efforts.

      -Nock Family Heritage

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