5 comments on “Original Nock Family – Upper Accomac County, Virginia.

  1. Trying to find family i know that my great grandfather sons came to baltimore and he had taught them a trade with their hands and his only daughter moved to philly

    • Hi Cheryl, I first want to say how much we appreciate you spending some time on Nock Family Heritage. We are constantly searching for information to add to the site. Our hope is that this will continue to help people learn of their family, and learn some history of the Nock family tree, which we are all a part of. Let us know if we can help you further. Oh, and just a reminder that we do have the Facebook page available as well.

      Damon Nock

      • Hey Damon. I sent a message to you on Facebook as well. Me and Cheryl Askins are both cousins and we are trying to get more information on the family if you are able to help us.

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